Let’s Talk About Life

Let’s talk about Life

The workings of the past leave us baffled by our vivid life experiences. We tend to attribute our successes and failures to environment, society, culture, and ourselves.  Naturally fear propels us to mend the broken pieces of failures and bask in the glories of the past.  Ultimately we become complacent with “good” and maximize our efforts on correcting our yesterday.  The past may influence the future, but the future is actualized when our hearts are stirred by faith to believe in His grace and power – empowerment.  We must be willing to believe that The Source has empowered us with the resources to live a purposeful and intentional life.

Let’s talk about Life! It is a medium to start conversations and opinions on diverse issues relevant to women issues influenced by our stories, culture, society, and faith.  It is not a portal to offer a “fix”, but inspiring words written by women like you offering alternatives, best practices, and opinions.

Stay tuned and “Let’s talk about Life”